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Generative AI and its Potential to Disrupt Libraries

October 24, 2023 @ 2:25 pm 2:50 pm EDT

Artificial intelligence, including technologies such as machine learning and Generative AI, have burst into society with the potential for enormous disruption. ChatGPT and related services have found use in the creation of academic writing all the way from class papers to articles published in scholarly journals. What are the ethical boundaries regarding the use of AI in educational settings? Detection of writing created or assisted by Generative AI seems to be a futile effort. What are the implications for libraries? Are there opportunities to enhance library chat services with AI-powered chat bots? Can discovery services be enhanced through AI in ways that preserve the objectivity expected by libraries without introducing bias or misinformation? Will AI displace certain types of jobs within the profession? Libraries will ignore AI at their peril given the tremendous impact it has had on society in general and on other industry sectors in the way they manage information.

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