When and Where is Connections?

Connections will be held online on November 15-17, 2022. All days will start at 11am EST / 4pm GMT. 


How Much Does Connections Cost?

Connections is completely free to attend! 


Who Can Attend?

Anybody who works in the library! This includes executives, circulation staff, directors, and system admins. 


Do I Need to Be a SirsiDynix Customer to Attend?

No, Connections is open to all library staff worldwide, regardless of customer status. 


How Do I Access Connections?

Registration is required and free. Click here to register. Once you’ve registered, login to browse the details on sessions and presenters.


During registration, you create a login and password. Your log in is required to access links to all sessions. Sessions are streamed via Zoom. Log in and go to ‘Sessions’ in the menu, and the ‘Join Now’ options will available the day of the event.


You must be logged in to join sessions. For help setting up your registration, contact connections@sirsidynix.com.


How is Connections Structured?

Day One: All attendees will come together for Opening Day, where speakers from every corner of the library world will focus on topics like emerging technologies, budget advocacy, and the library’s role in public health. 

Day Two: Those looking to get acquainted with SirsiDynix can join Explore SirsiDynix Day to learn more about our products and services, while current customers can build their track surrounding their ILS and specific products they’re interested in. 

Day Three: Dedicated to Discovery Solutions and Partner Connect. See why our Best-of-Breed approach will keep your system ever-evolving to fit your library’s needs. 


What’s Different Than Last Year?


“Connections Summit” has been changed to “Connections” because we are focusing on more meaningful conversations and building relationships.  


Day Two offers more choices than previous years. Instead of one track all day long, you can customize your learning path by choosing the sessions most applicable to you, your library, and your software. 

Product sessions have been extended with more focus on training and answering questions. 


We’ve included an entire day dedicated to discovery. 


Discord: Channels are set up to join the conversation, hang out with fellow librarians, and make connections. 


What Will I Learn?

Opening Day (Day One) has an amazing speaker line up, talking about all the important topics that affect libraries today. 


Attendees looking to get acquainted with SirsiDynix can attend Explore SirsiDynix Day, where sessions will cover our products and solutions, painless migration process, and industry-leading support staff. 


Current customers can attend Explore SirsiDynix Day for product-focused sessions. This is where you will receive training-focused information on products like BLUEcloud Analytics, MobileStaff, the Community Engagement Platform, CloudSource OA, and your ILS. 


The last day of the conference will be our Discovery + Partner Connect day, where we talk about all things discovery and answer all your Enterprise questions! Our discovery experts will cover Enterprise widgets and themes, search ranking, scripting, and how things like CloudSource OA and other OA and OER materials are represented in your discovery.