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Working Together: CloudSource+ and Article Galaxy Scholar New Paradigm Models, Methods and Budgetary Possibilities

October 26, 2023 @ 2:25 pm 2:45 pm EDT

This session overviews new cutting-edge library infrastructure technology paradigms and methodologies implemented by Mississippi State University Libraries when presented with significant budgetary challenges.  New open access solutions enabled by Cloudsource+ with innovative focused resource access methodologies by Article Galaxy Scholar open new possibilities for reconfiguring collections and budgets for better alignment of academic library materials with faculty research and teaching needs.  Data-driven quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques with Overlap analysis can also better assess e-resource subscription models for better data-informed decision making. Taken together, these methods and tools can change the game for opening budgets to better align with enabling focused faculty research and teaching needs.  This session will overview how data-driven analytics with new open access software possibilities can be utilized to create better budget model decisions. As the financial burden associated with e-resources escalates, academic libraries face mounting challenges of effectively navigating highly inflationary contracts and subscriptions to achieve cost savings while providing the academic community with focused scholarly resources for research and teaching. By utilizing new paradigm software possibilities with data driven analytics and open access models, libraries can better identify opportunities for large cost savings. These can then be deployed to strategically provide new requested resources empowering researchers, teachers and academic and research libraries to effectively navigate challenges and open resource possibilities for the new millennium.

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