October 26, 2023 @ 2:25 pm 2:45 pm EDT

This session overviews new cutting-edge library infrastructure technology paradigms and methodologies implemented by Mississippi State University Libraries when presented with significant budgetary challenges.  New open access solutions enabled by Cloudsource+ with innovative focused resource access methodologies by Article Galaxy Scholar open new possibilities for reconfiguring collections and budgets for better alignment of academic library materials with faculty research and teaching needs.  Data-driven quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques with Overlap analysis can also better assess e-resource subscription models for better data-informed decision making. Taken together, these methods and tools can change the game for opening budgets to better align with enabling focused faculty research and teaching needs.  This session will overview how data-driven analytics with new open access software possibilities can be utilized to create better budget model decisions. As the financial burden associated with e-resources escalates, academic libraries face mounting challenges of effectively navigating highly inflationary contracts and subscriptions to achieve cost savings while providing the academic community with focused scholarly resources for research and teaching. By utilizing new paradigm software possibilities with data driven analytics and open access models, libraries can better identify opportunities for large cost savings. These can then be deployed to strategically provide new requested resources empowering researchers, teachers and academic and research libraries to effectively navigate challenges and open resource possibilities for the new millennium.

October 26, 2023 @ 12:55 pm 1:15 pm EDT

CloudSource+, currently in live pilot, expands CloudSource OA to include both OA and non-OA resources—all from Enterprise, saving you the expense and overhead of an additional discovery layer. Rather than using OA as a fallback if no paid resource is available, CloudSource+ will always present one-click access to OA full text if available–linking to a licensed version if OA is not available. The integrated on-demand options deliver access to commercial resources without a subscription.

October 26, 2023 @ 12:35 pm 12:55 pm EDT

CloudSource OA—integrated with Enterprise, but also available for non-Enterprise customers—aggregates and fully exposes the global body of open access (OA) articles and open educational resources (OER). The index currently includes about 60M open articles, eBooks, and other learning resources. The metadata is enriched with more detailed publication information, subjects, abstracts, related materials, and reviews. In addition, helpful widgets deliver permalinks, citation management, links to the publisher page, and more. Unlike Google Scholar and other discovery providers, CloudSource OA resources contain one-click access to full text—no user authentication required and no wading through millions of irrelevant results with misleading links. 

While some of the open access articles are found in gold and diamond journals, most OA articles are from hybrid journals. And most discovery services will not expose these OA articles unless you subscribe to these hybrid journals. CloudSource OA offers a free collection analysis that reveals exactly how much of your subscription content is open access, including a detailed breakdown of your subscriptions by package, journal title, and subjects. 

Attend this brief session to learn more about how CloudSource OA can transform your approach to collection development by leveraging OA and OER. And find out how the free collection analysis can help you save money on high-OA subscriptions, while improving the user experience. 

October 25, 2023 @ 1:40 pm 2:10 pm EDT

CloudSource is the new content platform that is part of the BLUEcloud ecosystem. It aggregates articles, eTextBooks, and Open Educational Resources (OER), enriches the metadata, provides comprehensive discovery through Enterprise, and offers staff tools for curating collections and gathering usage statistics.
CloudSource has grown beyond just OA articles to now include subscription databases. And the index is no longer just scholarly content—it now includes popular magazines, new sources, trade journals, archives, and more. Discovery now includes a publication finder along with many other significant enhancements.
The CloudSource team has been very busy—attend this session to find out what we’ve been up to.

November 17, 2022 @ 12:20 pm 12:40 pm EST

CloudSource+ is in live pilot for the rest of the year. It expands the CloudSource OA collection to include non-OA (licensed) resources and includes holdings management tools—linking your users directly to full text. Because these resources will automatically show up in a separate tab in Enterprise for every search, your users won’t have to search for them on your website. Usage will go up, and your cost per use will go down. We have also partnered with CCC’s Get It Now service, which can give you on-demand access if you decide to cancel no-use, low-use, or high-OA overlap databases.
Come to this session to find out how easy it is to add 50M+ OA articles, eBooks, and other open educational resources to Enterprise, along with your paid databases. Because if you are paying for databases, why not make it easy for your users to find them?

November 16, 2022 @ 12:45 pm 1:15 pm EST

CloudSource OA is a new content platform from SirsiDynix that aggregates open access (OA) content from the global body of open content. More than an aggregation of OA articles, CloudSource OA also includes eBooks, eTextbooks & Open Educational Resources (OER). The Collection Management toolkit lets you curate your own indexes, and Usage Stats deliver COUNTER usage reports.
Attend this brief session to learn more about the state of OA today and how it is transforming scholarly publishing; a breakdown of the available content; discovery features, including metadata enrichment, citation tools, permalinks, and other helpful end-user tools; and staff tools for collection management and usage reports.
All types of libraries can benefit from offering this vast body of OA content (currently at 50M+ resources) to their users, particularly in light of the library industry’s goals around furthering the principles around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

November 3, 2021 @ 3:40 pm 4:10 pm EDT

SirsiDynix is the only vendor offering libraries a full suite of tools to take advantage of the wealth of Open Access content available today. Learn how you can expand your collections and save on expensive content subscriptions with CloudSource OA. In this session, we will share how academic, public and special libraries participating in the CloudSource pilot program are benefitting from this unique, new service.

Carolyn Morris


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November 4, 2021 @ 1:40 pm 2:10 pm EDT

When combined with Enterprise discovery, SirsiDynix’s new CloudSource OA service offers public, academic and special libraries a world class discovery solution backed by a comprehensive content index that includes access to millions of Open Access articles, ebooks, and open educational resources (OER). From themes and pages to collections and search settings, your library can customize nearly every part of the discovery experience. Learn how using Enterprise and CloudSource OA in conjunction with one another will elevate the patron discovery and research experience by expanding existing collections and improving research efficiency while reducing current content subscription costs—ultimately saving the library money while delivering more content to your users.