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Libraries’ Role in Public Health

Libraries have long been trusted sources for reliable health information. In recent years, partnerships with public health nurses and social workers have brought preventative healthcare and behavioral health referrals into […]

Open Access for the Open-Minded and the Skeptical

In this session, you are encouraged to reflect on open access afresh, whether you are convinced or skeptical or somewhere in between. It’s growing, by what is it and how […]

Answering the Challenge Means Listening to the Question

As library leaders explore new ways to serve their communities during later-stage COVID, many places are in real crisis while society is in turmoil. Old modes of library advocacy and […]

Library Customers and the “Marketing Funnel”

Join library marketing expert Cordelia Anderson for a look at the ways that libraries get, keep, and sometimes lose customers. Cordelia will introduce the concept of the "marketing funnel," talk […]

The Big Picture: Key Trends in Libraries and Technology

Marshall Breeding will give an overview of the major trends currently at play in libraries. How are libraries shaping their services to the changes in society and in information dissemination? […]

Introducing Emerging Technologies to your Community

With their disruptive nature, emerging technologies can elicit feelings of both fear and excitement. Our speaker shares strategies and tips for first identifying, then incorporating new technologies into a library […]

Meeting People Where They Are

Allister Chang will share lessons learned from recent efforts by Libraries Without Borders to extend public library services to spaces that meet people where they are, such as laundromats and […]

The Proof is in the Publicity

As librarians and library staff, we're all very passionate about our work and roles in the community. Is it possible for those who we serve to be as passionate about […]